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Raising productivity & morale in the warehouseoryx n blastochore none

It’s a well-known fact that happy and motivated workers produce better results. A recent study found that happier workers were 12% more productive than their counterparts. It underlines staff morale and wellbeing is not just an HR goal: it’s fundamen...


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Seafield logistics goes into administrationpolyhedra pl overpresumptively

Seafield Logistics has gone into administration and two of its operational units have been sold. David Riley, Les Ross and Joe McLean of Grant Thornton UK LLP were appointed joint administrators of Seafield Logistics Limited on 11 June. Tthe bu...


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Transport managers grow scarceeavesdropping n ADIOS abbr

Welcome to the Logistics Job Shop Newsletter; your need-to-know digest and analysis of the events of the past fortnight in the road transport industry. INDUSTRY NEWS Around 34% of transport managers intend to quit within five years, a new surve...


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Transport select committee review of LTswot none toilfully

Many of you will be aware that the Transport Select Committee is conducting an inquiry into the skills and workforce planning of the road haulage sector. In particular the Committee is investigating what action Government has taken to address concer...